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We know science content. We know science skill development. We know science assessment strategy. We know the realities of teaching science in today’s classrooms. We know what it takes to compete in the elhi science marketplace.
Science is what we know—and all we do.
Many developers claim to use experienced science writers and editors. But so often, work is done by people who don’t have science expertise or publishing experience. Predictably, the work falls short of the client’s expectations.
Science House uses only experienced science writers and editors. Our freelancers have years of professional experience in the elhi science marketplace. Several have been on staff at major science publishers. Many have taught science in the classroom. All have at least a bachelor’s degree in science.
Collectively, our freelancers have a wide variety of experience in different content areas and at different grade levels. This variety allows us to match the right set of people to each task.
We know science. What does it mean? It means we deliver a product you can count on for content accuracy and grade-level appropriateness.